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Experience the 3,000-year-old practice of Massage Therapy and heal your body!

Here at FindMassageCenter, a sister site of HealingRadius, we have one goal in mind-to help you on your wellness journey. Our online market places make it easy for you to search for wellness studios, read reviews and enroll in a Massage Therapy session, all at your convenience.

For more benefits, join our free online health community at HealingRadius, and let us be your wellness headquarters. As a member, you can find special promotions, helpful wellness blogs, and tourist ideas for popular cities, all while booking your next wellness appointment!

It’s time to restore your body’s natural energy with Massage Therapy! Use HealingRadius, and find the perfect massage center near you and book appointments online with ease today!

Are you a Massage Center Owner or Therapist? Get Started

Are you looking for a better way to operate your business and attract more members? We have a solution that will give you the peace of mind you have been desiring. As an affiliate of FindMassageCenter, HealingRadiusPro is an online complete management and marketing tool, aimed to help you grow the Massage Therapy community around your business.

Claim your business and join our searchable program that makes it easy for more members to find you! As your business expands, our features will further assist you with organizational components, such as class times, registration, online payment, special membership promotions and teacher bios. These features will help your center stand out, encouraging more members to use your services and continue their path toward a healthy lifestyle.

Here at HealingRadiusPro, we understand that each center is different. To help you get started, we have set up the basics in our database, but we are handing over the ownership to you, allowing you to create and manage your business’s information:

  • Display important business information, including location, hours and services
  • Review and respond to user reviews
  • Showcase images and videos
  • Promote special events and sales
  • Offer appointment booking
  • Provide quick and convenient payment processing options

Spend more time growing your business and healing your patients. Let us help you manage the rest from a single online location. The time is now! Claim your business and give your studio the innovative edge it needs in the healing community.

Massage Therapy

Useful Stuff

Massage Therapy for Stress

How Massage Therapy can Make You Feel Better

There is nothing better than a massage. The smooth glide of oils administered by firm hands on tired flesh seems to send most people into a state of sleepy bliss. In fact, 5,000 years of history has shown the staying power and popularity of this unique form of healing all across the globe, from India to Egypt and everywhere in between. It’s apparent that there’s some validity to both the enjoyment and the healing qualities

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Massage Techniques

3 Massage Techniques that can relieve hand tension

Do you know how many bones make up your hand? The answer is 27. Yes, 27 bones that require well-deserved TLC every once in a while. I don’t know about you, but as a professional writer, I have taken my hands for granted more often than not. They are my money makers after all. Since we use our hands on a daily basis, it’s only right that we apply three popular massage techniques to help reduce joint pain

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